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I think Wolfe's done all he can do with Latro short of killing the character
off. Althought Soldier of Sidon can't claim the level of writing its
predecessors had, it still was a fine book and, I believe, a great place to
end the story. Wolfe is known for leaving things out of his writings so the
readers can exercise their imaginations and reach their own conclusions
(sometimes radically different from person to person) about his worlds and
characters. I say let it stand at that. He's done a remarkable job with
Latro, and as the much-lamented Robert E Howard did with Red Nails, his last
tale of the great barbarian Conan, he's said as much as anyone can expect of
the character and should feel the need to direct his considerable talents

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> Forgot to mention that someone asked Wolfe about the prospect of
> another Latro book. He didn't rule it out, but did say he's getting
> older.
> -Matt
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