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James Wynn writes:
> Do you remember what Wolfe's defense of Ruth
> Plumly Thompson was?

I don't know about Wolfe, but here's what Lin Carter once  wrote:

And this past year we lost another writer to whom I owe a deep personal  
debt -- Miss Ruth Plumly Thompson, of Oz and Philadelphia.  When in her  
twenties, she picked up the Oz books after the death of L. Frank Baum, and  
continued to write them, one a year, for most of her life.  Her  twenty-second Oz 
book, The Enchanted Island of Oz, has just been  published posthumously.  
She died on April 6, 1976.
The Oz books are the best and the greatest children's books in American  
literature.  And their excellence, their sparkling sense of fun and  
adventurous swagger and endless color and variety, are due in very large  measure to 
Miss Thompson.  It was these books (and, in particular,  *her* contributions 
to the series) that first caught and held my  interest in my boyhood.  I 
owe it entirely to Miss Thompson that, early  on, I was turned in the 
direction of fantasy.  Bless her ... she was a  lovely lady. -- Lin Carter, 
"Introduction," The Year's Best Fantasy  Stories: 3 (DAW, 1977).

Wolfe also has mentioned her contributions (alongside Baum's) more than  
once in interviews 
_http://tinyurl.com/nnk3qq_ (http://tinyurl.com/nnk3qq) 

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