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O'Donnell, Tim (BOSI) Tim.O'Donnell at bankofscotland.ie
Tue Feb 10 03:14:27 PST 2009

I am fully on-board in the thoughts that Severian is a quasi-Christ (as has been said here a number of times and a number of different ways that he represents some of
the aspects of Christ).

I posted this on the Gene Wolfe Book Club yesterday:

The following occurs in Claw:

"To me you're Life, and you're a
young man named Severian, and if you wanted to put on different clothes and
become a carpenter or a fisherman, no one could stop you."

To me this indicates that Severian is like Christ in some ways but Wolfe is here drawing a difference between Jesus (carpenter by trade and fisher of men) and Severian (torturer by trade and doesn't so much fish men as wangle his way into position as head of the fish factory).

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