(urth) Ship Volant

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Thu Feb 19 02:36:05 PST 2009

dstockhoff at verizon.net wrote:
> Bingo. Or Severian would have called the image on the coin a "tower volant." And on fire as well, presumably. I doubt there's a heraldry term for that!

Two options; if "proper" ie depicted with a degree of realism "aflame" as in:

Arms impaled. Dexter: Arms party per fess Gules and Argent; in chief a cross of the second with a heart enflamed in centre Or and upon a chief of the second three fleur-de-lis per fess of the third; in base a carpenter's square per chevron between three lilies of the second. Sinister: Or, issuant from a base wavy Azure a tower aflame Argent, the tongues of fire Gules; on a chief of the third a Cedar of Lebanon Proper.


If symbolic wavy hauriant Gules indented Or - red vertical wavy lines with inside border of gold - would be understood as would anything vaguely similar, eg the Congressional Space Medal of honour a red line on while band symbolises botht eh "fire" of the rockets and courage of astronauts.  http://history.nasa.gov/spacemedal1.pdf


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