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Tue Feb 17 11:15:24 PST 2009

I think we talked about this before, but I am of the firm opinion that it
should not attempt to look like Tzadiels ship at all.  First off, Sev,
writing Book of the New Sun, hadn't been on Tzadkiel's ship yet.  And as you
said, if one just saw a representation of it, it wouldn't at all look like
anything someone on Urth would call a ship.  So I think we can write off the
idea that it is to look like Tzadkiel's ship at all (although I've always
liked to think that if one looked at The Ship from far enough away, it's
seven sided and many sailed silloutte might look a bit like a rose....)

And, as coats-of-arms are made of symbols and not literal figures, I would
think a traditional ship would be what is depicted.

Volant?  To me, I simply picture an upward tilted profile of a ship.  Or a
ship straight on with it's prow tilted upward to indicate that it's rising
(which would work either profile or head on).  On the sea, ships aren't
normally at that angle, so it would indicate 'flying' to me.

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