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On Tue, Feb 17, 2009 at 06:07:31PM +0000, Son of Witz wrote:
> Thanks for that.
> in the web references I saw, the Heraldric(?) uses of the term indicates flying, and usually shows wings.
> and then with the description of the coin "flying ship" it would seem to indicate, at a glance, that this ship is in flight, in both bas-relief images, blazon and coin.  hmm.  How the heck can one make a ship look like it's flying without wings?  confounding! 

Landing gear retracted?  Wings extended?  I know you said you imagined
no wings, and with anti-gravity type tech you probably wouldn't need
wings, but that isn't the only wing like structure on a space ship.

Ships that spend any amount of time out in space and have to support
human life have a heat disposal problem, and would probably have to
have radiator panels.  If the ship were atmospheric, you don't want
those things flapping around when there is air around, so you would
probably make those panels retractable too.  Volant would obviously?
have theme extended.

I've imagined the ship from the last book as a giant solar sailor, and
those sails would have to be positionable and retractable for agility.

I would actually suggest you look at Ad-Astra games for some
renderings of how war ships would probably have to look without the
invention of new magic physics.


"The man who does not read good books has no advantage over 
 the man who cannot read them."
 -- Mark Twain
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