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Sev's not a duellist, he's not wandering around striking on the draw and

If he was a duellist he surely would not have that kind of sword.


> No, it's not a new subgenre, it's a costuming question.
> So, Severian's got this huge sword on a baldric, slung over his (left)
> shoulder most of the time. Too big to hang from a sword belt.
> But how does that work with a cloak? It would have to be worn OVER the
> cloak, but, unless the cloak was pushed back over the shoulders, the
> baldric would essentially trap his arms in by holding the cloak tight
> around his torso.
> It seems he could have one side free, at least, but the other would be
> constricted.
> Or am I completely wrong? Am I mistaken, or is this not really much of a
> problem for a wandering swordsman?
> Are any of you guys Ren Fair or Historic Recreation types?
> any insight here?
> I ask because I was drawing Severian, and this suddenly struck me as a
> real problem.
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> ~Witz
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