(urth) Avern Duel Tee Shirt

Son of Witz sonofwitz at butcherbaker.org
Sat Feb 14 09:11:35 PST 2009

On Feb 14, 2009, at 12:04 AM, Jeff Wilson wrote:

> Very spiffy illustration, Witz!
> I don't recognize the silhouette in front of the sun?

during that scene, the shield wall of Nessus is visible, and has  
climbed almost half across the sun. something like that. It's still a  
stretch away from the sanquinary field so I didn't make it tower over  
them. Those little curved raised sections in the silhouette of the  
wall were my lame first take on a little detail where wall sections met.
I realize at each section there should be a bartizan (is that the  
right word) or turrets.  I wasn't sure how "castle" to make it.
I'd be open to suggestions about that detail, since I've been  
sketching Nessus and Citadel landscapes. I'm now more inclined to put  
a spiky turret on them.

I'm also unsure about the Sun's radiant lines.  I didn't think, with  
my one color limitation, that it would register as a sun without them,  
but the lines probably make the sun look too healthy and strong.

It's really challenging trying to do something that will adhere to the  
text. my own inspirations are much more sloppy.
for laughs, here's a very sloppy recent inspiration, BANANA BARBARIAN: http://tinyurl.com/bxyggw


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