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Fri Feb 13 16:13:58 PST 2009

While we're semi-off-topic and talking about music, I thought I'd mention that
Juana Molina is playing at the Great American Music Hall in SF tonight:

I bring her up partially in the sense of flying gleefully off topic from Wolfe's
work, but also because she's an Argentine who evokes a serious sense of weird,
alien, and transcendent. I'm sure not everyone reacts this way, but I love it
when I find music and writing which take me on journeys to similar places.

On Fri Feb 13 12:18 , "Son of Witz"  sent:

>Thanks Dan'l, Allan.
>I don't want to bore anyone with thanks any time someone makes a compliment, but
I don't like to be rude and ignore such, either.
>I'm well familiar with baby-related schedule compression and shows.  
>Got a second kid on the way. That show was really good. I figure they'll only
get better. 
>They're trying to get another album out this year, the first has been selling
better than anyone expected. Still small potatoes compared to, I dunnoh, I
suppose Stu's albums, but people are digging it.
>I told Jason Schimmel, the guitarist/composer, he should read BotNS, and will
probably try to do some more BotNS stuff for him.  He ought to like the words. He
almost called the band Catafalque, which is in New or Long Sun.  The Secret
Chiefs composer, Trey, opened up Shadow at random and saw one of his upcoming
song titles on the page, Septentrion. Now hopefully he'll read the copies I gave
him for Christmas.
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>>Neat shirt! Aw, I saw that they were playing in SF not long ago and gave it a
>>miss due to baby-related schedule compression...but now I think I might have to
>>make sure I catch them next time.
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>>Nice picture. Very surprising music.
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