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Not to be3 fussy, but Severian doesn't "disband" the Guild, he
"reforms" it.

On Tue, Feb 10, 2009 at 6:56 AM, O'Donnell, Tim (BOSI)
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> For those also posting over on the Gene Wolfe Book Club I have just posted
> something similar there but in brief,
> I wonder if Severian is not so much Christ as Saul (Paul of Tarsus)?
> Paul violently persecuted the followers of Jesus after all (could you say
> tortured them?) and then discovered Jesus/God and underwent a conversion.
> In Severian's case there is no dramatic conversion but a gradual awakening
> to a new moral code (as exemplified by his disbanding his own guild at the
> end of the series).
> Having said that, I could never claim to be well versed in the Bible or
> Catholic teachings so I could be way off on this...
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