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Tue Feb 10 08:30:04 PST 2009

David S. writes: 
>Also, is this Father Inire? *His tone betrayed him as much as Thecla's thoughts.
>I wanted to kneel, but he clapped his hands, and a bent little man slipped silently
>into the room. He wore a cowled habit like a cenobite's. The Autarch spoke to him,
>something I was too distracted to understand.* 
>Doesn't resemble the Cumaean. Nor do the Cumaean's faces resemble Tzadkiel's eyes
Well I have always thought this was the most obvious incarnation of Father Inire- the
physical description matches and they are in Father Inire's portion of the House
Absolute. The Cumaean seems to be more of an outdoor dweller. The other little, bent
monkey-like and/or artistic guys are a bit harder to identify as Inire but it helps make
sense to the story for me if they are.
As I see it, the old Autarch with his multiple roles in Commonwealth society is a weak
imitation of Father Inire, whose shape changing ability allows greater diversity in his
various roles. Likewise Father Inire is a weaker version of Tzadkiel, who has even greater
shape changing ability and multiple roles to be played.
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