(urth) Indescribable Christ?

Jeff Wilson jwilson at io.com
Fri Feb 6 07:26:12 PST 2009

John Watkins wrote:
> No doubt Stanislaus meant that Christ's divine nature is in this sense
> unknowable.  As Jeff observes, part of the point of Christianity is
> that Christ is not simply divine, but possesses two natures. Christ's
> human nature, in and of itself, is as describable as any other human
> nature.

Not just having a human nature, but bridging the gap between mankind and 
God; the Outsider's extension into the mortal realm. "God and sinners 

I'm not sure what the point of the story about the angel and the eagle, 
etc. really is intended to be. Angel is the English word that takes the 
place of the Greek angelos, "messenger", and someone bearing a message 
whose provenance is "I just guessed", is no messenger at all.

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