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Actually, Son of, as someone who happens to believe in those doctrines
(like about a billion others), I do feel like you were "harshing" on
me--it seems as though you blame my beliefs for the rape of children.

No doubt you don't mean it. But that is what it sounds like, just a bit.

On 2/4/09, Son of Witz <sonofwitz at butcherbaker.org> wrote:
> I'm not harshing on Catholics,
> I'm harshing on the Catholic Church. Like I might bag on Iran without
> offense to Iranians.
> I've couched any critique with apologies to Catholics who might be
> offended.
> I suggested the priest rapists are one step in a chain of errors that
> result from a doctrinal change.
> Papal infaliability, Celibate Clergy, these are insertions and
> distortions and they seem to have led to a lot of problems.
> I don't think what i wrote is vomit at all, it's what MANY people feel
> about the Catholic Church's problems.
> Care to show my how I'm wrong? Lots of people think the Filioque is no
> big deal, and others think it's The Problem that allows all the others
> to come in.  I'm happy to learn your argument.
> I'll admit "It's no wonder all that..." should have been stated as "It
> seems as if all that..."
> ~SonOfWitz
> On Feb 4, 2009, at 6:08 PM, Matt Teel wrote:
>> Wow ... I don't comment much on this list, but ... damn.  Do you
>> suppose you could lay off the Catholics for a while?  "Priest
>> Rapists" are a result of the Filioque clause?  Come on.  I didn't
>> subscribe to this list to read crap like this.  The conversation was
>> interesting until you felt the need to vomit on the page and share
>> it with the rest of us.
>> Matt Teel
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>> Having a sort of mystic bent to my understandings of this stuff,
>> think the
>> Filioque is a huge change.  It takes the basic form of the Trinity
>> and turns it
>> into a flat, hierarchical line.  Triangles are one of the most
>> fundamental forms
>> in creation, and I think it's no accident that the Trinity is a
>> triangle.
>> It's foundational.  Flatten that out and you've done some serious root
>> level damage to the very structure of the message.  It's no wonder
>> all of
>> the screwed up situations that follow that change.
>> Inquisition,Crusades,
>> Celibate Clergy, PriestRapists, Vatican II, and now the Oecumenical
>> stuff...
>> and, I don't know about all of them, but some of the Orthodox I know
>> DEFINITELY consider Catholicism a heresy.  I find it a little
>> shrill, but
>> that's just me.  I should say for myself I don't consider them
>> heretics.
>> I'm in no position to judge that, my own ideas probably being
>> heretical.
>> ~Witz
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>> >> This is all very interesting.
>> >> I don't understand how there can be only one interpretation of
>> Christ,
>> >> especially argued by Catholics, who are considered Heretics by the
>> oldest,
>> >> most traditional and unchanged Christian Church, The Eastern
>> Orthodox.
>> >> And even then, Christ's Divinity is EXEGESIS.  It's in the
>> Creed, and it's
>> >> the Catholics that changed the creed and caused the Great Schism.
>> >>
>> >
>> >Heterodox the RCC may be in Orthodox eyes, but not in its
>> christology.  In
>> >that, at least, the Catholics & Orthodoxen are in full agreement.
>> And
>> >inserting "filioque" into the Creed was just the straw that broke
>> the
>> >camel's back; there had been a long series of misunderstandings and
>> strains
>> >on fellowship before then, on both sides.
>> >
>> >
>> >--
>> >Matt +
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>> >Let early education be a sort of amusement; you will then be better
>> able to
>> >find out the natural bent.
>> >Plato (c. 428-348 B.C.), The Republic, bk. VII, 537
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