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Tue Aug 4 23:26:21 PDT 2009

Why not translate some GW short stories into French?


> Hi everyone. This is a rather off-topic request, but bear with me. I'm
> desultorily learning myself some French this summer, and I've decided that
> since I'm only really interested in reading French (and not so much in
> speaking or writing it), that the best thing to do would be to simply
> translate some large French work into English and learn as I go*.
> But when I tried with one text, I discovered my motivation was zero - as
> it was already translated. So I need something which hasn't been
> translated before; unfortunately, all the texts I know worth translating
> are the ones which *have* been translated!
> Since Urth.netters seem to know everyone and everything worth knowing in
> literature, here's my challenge: what reasonably short, reasonably basic
> yet untranslated French text is there which I could translate? Bonus
> points if it's in the public domain, and triple bonus points if it's also
> Gene-Wolfe-related.
> * I'm also developing a little program along the lines of
> http://jtauber.com/blog/2008/02/10/a_new_kind_of_graded_reader/ but I can
> currently only test it on English texts; being able to work through a
> French text and see how it performs would let me tweak it.
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