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Thanks Adam.
I did find those things in the archives (the reference to Borges is especially interesting to me).  But I'm thinking all of that is pretty self-referential, and that surely there is some reason from *within the story* for the existence of this scene: some plot piece put into place, for example, that I'm missing.  
Every scene in a book generally has a number of things going on.  While Wolfe's own Hitchcock-like appearance, and the reference to Borges, are interesting, I have a hunch they aren't the *reason* for the scene.  And that's what's really got me stumped.
Thanks again!  I appreciate your taking the time.

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I've gone through the Urth archives and haven't found an answer, so I thought I would bring it to the group.  What does this chapter contribute to the story?  I mean, on a superficial level we certainly get a feel for life in the Citadel, the stagnation of the culture; we get some interesting information about another guild ... but what else?  What am I missing?  Surely there's more to it than that.

This scene establishes Nessus as Buenos Aires.  The blind librarian is Borges.  I believe that Cyby is a Gary-Stu.  Mostly, I think it's a big tip of the hat to Borges and his influence on _BotNS_.


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