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Dave Tallman davetallman at msn.com
Mon Sep 22 05:07:15 PDT 2008


Your article is fascinating and I agree with nearly all of it except for 
the "Urth is Green" which seems to me a stretch too far. (I know that 
Gene Wolfe once said this, but I believe it was an engineering joke 
about ground wires).

Those who don't accept this part of the theory need an alternate 
explanation for the extreme compatibility of Neighbors/inhumi/Blue life 
with humans. They are blood-eating and soul-copying compatible (inhumi), 
"change-blood" compatible (shearbears), and "hybrid" compatible (Horn as 
a Neighbor-man, whatever that process entails).

Blue or Green being Urth is only one possible explanation. Here are some 

1) Settlement long ago by human colonists using FTL travel. Typhon might 
or might not have known of this, perhaps intending an invasion rather 
than a fresh colony.
2) Time-travel, such that the Neighbors derive from the present Whorl 
3) Parallel evolution. The doubled-limbed character of the life forms 
does suggest they are different. Hybridization that doubles genes 
wouldn't automatically double limbs.

> This is probably my article, which M. Wynn was kind enough to host all these years.
> http://www.urth.org/whorlmap/chras-writers/marc-aramini1.htm
> also, cornsilk is a common phrase which makes the italian near cognate interesting.

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