(urth) A second dream team: Mucor, Oreb, and Pike

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Wed Sep 17 19:54:17 PDT 2008

Pedro says:
"1) Oreb in Astral form was always like a small boy with feathers. He is ALWAYS like that because the astral form shows how a person's spirit "is". For example Silkhorn says, when he sees Babbie in astral form for the first time, that he was curious to see how much "human" babbie was. This does not agree well with seeying Oreb in astral form as he is in the real world."

Marc responds:
"Oreb appears as a human spirit because he is embued with scylla"

I say:
Marc is right. Oreb appears as part human when he is possessed. And IIRC his looks change during the various spirit travel episodes. Furthermore, there is frankly no other explanation for the ghost-Oreb event except for Silk's rationalization which, aside from being totally contrary to the described event, is negated by Wolfe's M.O. of having "rational explanations" be always wrong.

Pedro says: 
"2) There's nothing in Wolfe's Solar Cycle that goes against a ghost having physical form capable of interacting with objects. In fact there are plenty of examples on "gothic stories" in which ghosts do have physical presence and can interact with physical objects. "

I say:
Not like this....except maybe in Abbot & Costello's "Hold That Ghost". The event is way too playful --even corny-- and, anyway, if the ghost is Pike (in the way Silk believes it is) it has zero narrative significance in anyway that anyone has explained so far.
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