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> Imo, Wolfe very deliberately refers to a hopper as a flier. They escape
> gravity in a similar manner, too. It's interesting that Reiss draws the U.S.
> Navy into a conflict with the Squid God/Cthulhu/Abaia(?). Could that
> encounter be prelude to the Ascian empire? I also wonder if the Takanga
> group is actually on earth.
> Don

Of course, "hoppers" also tie into "Memorare." I even recall a line about
the moons of Jupiter in An Evil Guest?

Re: Takanga group: Well, Wolfe does go to great lengths to set out a
geographical location for it (near Australia), but it does seem rather
otherworldly, and I suppose Cthulhu could mess about with space-time a bit.
And the Navy can sail there - perhaps it's a bit like the Bermuda Triangle?

Some part of me wonders if the US Navy could take on the Squid God. They
seem to be losing when we see them fight, but they could always come back
with bigger guns (i.e, nukes) - though I wouldn't want to see what happens
if Great C. got his tentacles on those... I must say, I lost some sympathy
for Reis when he tricks the Navy into fighting Cthulhu unprepared... He has
his reasons, but he's a bit of a bastard nonetheless.

On an unrelated note, has anyone looked into Le Fanu's The Evil Guest yet?
Was the Irish horror writer an influence on HPL?

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