(urth) "Myfather's mountedguard"

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>It's my impression that the Severian and Thecla personalities and
>memories are far more prominent.  Neither the old Autarch nor his
>predecessors had either the Claw, which made Thecla "alive" in
>Severian, nor Severian's eidetic memory, so the old Autarch's memories
>of Autarchs past would be dim and imperfect compared to Severian's
>Certainly Thecla asserts herself in Severian in ways that the others
>do not, or rather, certainly Severian records Thecla's moments of
>self-assertion in ways he does not record such moments for others.
>But that could be in keeping with his general reticense about the old
>Autarch, whose name Severian surely knew.

That makes a lot of sense as to why it is always Thecla and not the other memory characters we notice.  

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