(urth) RttW discrepancy?

Roy C. Lackey rclackey at stic.net
Sun Oct 26 22:35:22 PDT 2008

Matthew Groves wrote:
> There is a possible discrepancy between HornSilk's description of his
> arrival in the Whorl in In Green's Jungles, and that by Hoof, Daisy, Hide,
> and Vadsig at the beginning of Return to the Whorl. In HornSilk's version,
> as he leaves the house, "It was a little after midday then, as well as I
> could judge from the narrowing line of the Long Sun." (*IGJ* 127) In Hoof
> al., "He backed away from the knife and stumbled through the open door
> the darkest night ever known." (*RttW* 13-14)  Is this merely a
> of events by Hoof et al.?

The "darkest night ever known" had nothing to do with the Long Sun. It was
the dark night of Silk's soul.


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