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I can join this discussion at last, now that a library copy of the novel is
in my hands.And that I've finished Anathem.

On Sat, Oct 25, 2008 at 1:27 PM, Dave Tallman <davetallman at msn.com> wrote:

> Dan wrote:
>> I agree. But I'm not sure Cassie was doing all this by herself. I seem to
>> have the recollection that Margaret was present during some of these events.
>> In fact, with the safe episode, it almost seems as if she's directing it. I
>> am rereading now and will keep this in mind.
> Margaret is probably a werewolf and a spy (I'll post all my reasons in
> another entry) but I doubt she has extensive magical powers. She does know
> enough about hotel security that she was able to guess that Cassie might use
> the hotel safe without resetting the combination. Easter Sinclair may have
> done this also -- remember that she had jewelry stolen while Margaret was in
> her employ (p. 140). Margaret may have been the thief.
>  So I wonder what has happened to the personal fortunes of her neighbors.
>> They must have improved for them to continue to live in a swank upscale
>> apartment. A rising tide lifts all boats?
> Either that or they found themselves with rents they could no longer
> afford.
>  I know the bank kept her saftey deposit box by automatically charging her
>> account, but wouldn't her apt have been rerented and her possessions
>> liquidated after her extended absence?
> I can believe she lost the apartment by not being there to pay rent, but it
> says that her possessions "mysteriously disappeared" (p. 292). I take that
> to mean that the landlords didn't have a good explanation when Cassie talked
> to them. I suppose the Squid God cultists who took over the apartment
> upstairs could have made off with them.
>  I know they said Woldercon was really far away, but outside the galaxy?
>> When I read that, I got the sinking impression she really wasn't going there
>> and was perhaps comitting suicide.
> She sent an ethermail to Gid telling him she was coming there. I see no
> reason for such an expensive way to commit suicide as buying a hopper and
> taking off for galaxies unknown. If Woldercan was outside the galaxy one has
> to wonder how it was ever found. There's a lot of space out there between
> galaxies...
>  Plus I don't understand why he just gave up and surrendered to the
>> islanders or devise some way to rescue her. I need to reread that section
>> again.
> As king Bill may have felt he had to take personal responsibility for the
> terrible unexpected collateral damage to the islands he ruled. He has some
> moral feelings, even though he normally justifies everything he does for the
> greater good.
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