(urth) First sight of *An Evil Guest*

Eric Ortlund eortlund at briercrest.ca
Tue Mar 18 09:12:36 PDT 2008

Speaking of Wolfe getting old - something I've worried about before - do
you think the latest Latro book (where he's in Egypt) is the last in the
series?  I haven't read it . . . and I'm inclined to wait if there's
going to be another book in the series, since answers in Wolfe tend to
come late!

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I wish Wolfe would write as fast as King.  The sad truth is that Wolfe
is getting up there in age.  Already, my other favorite SF/F writer,
Jack Vance, has retired (although he is dictating an
auto-biography)largely due to blindness and old age.  I think Wolfe may
have four or five more novels left, perhaps another collection.  'Tis a
sad thought, but one that cannot be ignored.

Anyway, I am curious to know if An Evil Guest if closer in style to
Castleview and Free Live Free, or more like Peace and 5HoC.  Either way,
I will be content.  Just curious.

On Mon, Mar 17, 2008 at 7:11 PM, Mike Myers <mimyerspdt at yahoo.com>

Seems Mr. Wolfe is writing faster than Steven King these days.

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	AN EVIL GUEST, Wolfe's new novel, is due out in
	mid-September from Tor. I've just received an Advanced
	Bound Manuscript, which comes to 526 pages, or about
	100,000 words all told.
	--Nick Gevers.
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