(urth) Some PF thoughts (spoilers)

Matthew Keeley matthew.keeley.1 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 10 12:07:09 PDT 2008

Good questions; I'd love to hear your answers.

Re: Ignacio and Lesage: What evidence is there to suggest that Lesage ever
met "Ignacio?" It's been  Because I know some people have surmised that
Ignacio/Chris and Lesage are the same person. It's been a while since I read
the book though, so my memory may be serving me poorly.

As for Valentin - I don't know - I wonder if he killed himself? Chris
suggests that possibility... Or perhaps Lesage revealed himself to Valentin
as Chris and Valentin, seeing the truth, tried to kill his old tormentor?
And then Chris kills Valentin in self-defense?

Also - do we have any more thoughts on what caused Chris to go back in time
in the first place?

And what about that "Angel of Death" that Chris says he sees above one of
the boats?

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