(urth) Severian's Height

John Smith jsmith2627 at att.net
Mon Jun 30 14:07:45 PDT 2008

b sharp wrote:
>>I still don't see that any effort should be made to
find a source of
exultant blood for Severian. He is tall compared to
most people but at
a head shorter than every single exultant he meets. In
other words, he
 is of
armiger height just like (who I think are) his family
Cyriaca and Jolenta.<<

Does Severian's height mean his mother has to be an

If Ouen is a commoner and Catherine is an exultant,
wouldn't Severian be in-between in height?   He is
taller than the common commoner, shorter than true
exultants, and close in size to armigers.


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