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Since it came up, I thought I'd list the lines from Dr. Talos' play which make me think 
the underlying theme is about corruption of the human race through mating with alien, 
god-like beings, necessitating purification via Flood. This corruption is described in the 
Bible as fallen angels (demons) mating with human women creating the giant Nephilim 
and in Kabbala legendas Adam mating with Lilith creating lamia, vampires, etc. Persian 
legends of Meschia, Meschiane and Jahi are similar. 

>Nod: Do you serve him? So do we Nephilim. 

>Nod: He (Meschia) is to come and dwell with me in my land east of this garden. I will give him 
>one of my daughters to wife.
>Gabriel: You have the wrong creation my friend--you're fifty million years too late. 

>Meschia: (snip) Knowing her (Jahi) to be of that brood you have banished, should I not still do what 
>she proposes? 

>Meschiane- She (Jahi) does (bite) and her fangs run with venom. 

>Meschia (to Contessa and Maid): I know that you are my daughters in the old creation. You must be 
>since I have had none in this (one). 

>Contessa (perhaps Jahi disguised) to Meschia- If my body held a part of yours--drops of liquescent 
>tissue locked in my loins... 

>First Demon: To people these lands (Ushas) a new race is prepared. The humankind you know will be 
>shouldered aside even as the grass..yields to the plow and gives way to wheat. 

>Second Demon: But what if the seed were burned? What then? The tall man and the slight woman (M & M)
>you met not long ago are such seed. Once it was hoped that it might be poisoned in the field, but 
>she (Jahi/Contessa)who was dispatched to accomplish it has lost sight of the seed...and has been handed
>over to your Inquisitor for strict examination. Yet the seed might be burned still. 

>Autarch: But would the death of those two truly halt the coming of the New Sun? 

>First Demon: No but would you wish it? The new lands shall be yours. 

>Meschiane: (Jahi is) free to pursue Meschia and ruin everything, as she did before. 

>Nod: I swear as I hope to be linked by marriage to the family of Man, so that we giants may be called the 
>Sons of the Father, that I will capture the succubus for you... 

>Jahi (to Second Demon): ...Wait until the Father hears how you have treated me and betrayed all our efforts. 

>Second Demon: From you? It was you who left Meschia, lured away by the woman. What will you say? "The 
>woman tempted me?" We have done with that so long ago that no one remembers it save you and I, and 
>now you have spoiled that lie by making it come true. 

>Nod (to audience): Don't laugh at me! I could kill you all! The whole poisoned race of you! But I am done--I 
>am done! And Meschiane, who trusted in me, is undone!  

>From these lines I conclude the human race of Urth/Briah is corrupted by past matings with alien beings/evil 
gods and The Temptation involves Meschia and Jahi/Adam and Lilith. The identity of "the Father" in these lines 
becomes quite interesting.  

>From those lines, one might conclude that Severian, playing Meschia, is chosen to 
be the pure seed to re-populate Ushas. He has been re-born (a few times) and had his cheek and leg healed. 
Perhaps the corruption was also expunged?  As counter-evidence I see Severian and his family being 
demonstrated as even more genetically corrupted than most of humanity. Also, a man and a woman are landed
on Urth on Flood Day. And Ushas seems already to be populated by a new race of humans when Severian makes
his final appearance on the beach. He meets a man there...if Severian was meant to help re-populate Ushas I 
would think he would meet a woman.
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