(urth) Sev's common lineage

Dave Tallman davetallman at msn.com
Mon Jun 30 04:57:39 PDT 2008

Jeff Wilson wrote:
> That's pretty iffy, given the popularity of political assassination 
> stories and the large numbers partaking of her memories. How likely 
> would they all be to miss it? I also don't see her madness masking 
> details of Vodalus' future history if she is still able to express 
> suitable political sentiment to be chosen to bolster the loyalty of the 
> Vodalarii.  Why would someone from 40 years post-Vodalus take up the 
> cause in prison?
You're assuming that all corpses that Voldalus took were like Thecla's 
and used for the same purpose. His grave-robbing was more general than 
that. The citizen volunteers were concerned for their own dead; probably 
not all of them were Voldalarii loyalists. Voldalus might not share a 
body with future knowledge among a large number of followers.

Catherine was about 20 when she came back (8 years from puberty, if we 
believe the play). Sev had reigned for 10 years and Valeria for 30. The 
assassination of Voldalus was old news in her time. She might not know 
much about it.

Besides, her entry to the past was carefully planned by the 
Heirogrammates. No doubt she was programmed to carry out the affair with 
Ouen, for example. Knowledge that might change the future could be 
removed at that time, if not right before her death when it was decided 
to put her in the path of Sev and Vodalus.

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