(urth) Sev's common lineage

Dave Tallman davetallman at msn.com
Mon Jun 30 01:42:31 PDT 2008

Jeff Wilson wrote:
> If this is true, wouldn't that mean that Vodalus (and the others who 
> presumably later share her memories) would have knowledge of the future 
> era's general public, like Agia disposing of him in a coup? Wouldn't he 
> want to stop that?
Catherine might not have sufficient knowledge of the exact history of 
the Vodalarii to give Vodalus forewarning about Agia. Vodalus might 
learn that he didn't become autarch and that Sev did, but probably not 
the exact reason for his downfall. Catherine had many unpleasant 
memories of her years in the dungeon -- she probably went insane there, 
as most long-term prisoners did. That would mask any good information 
that Vodalus might obtain. Before he could sort it all out, the memories 
would fade.

The identity of the corpse in the necropolis with Catherine is not a 
requirement for the rest of the theory to be true.
Catherine could come back to the past, have Sev, and die soon after. Her 
khabits need to stick around for years to be the Katharine players, but 
she doesn't. I still support that part of the theory, however, because 
it gives an ending to Catherine's story and a reason for her khabits to 
be there.

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