(urth) Sev's Silence about Catherine

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Fri Jun 27 06:38:54 PDT 2008

Roy says:
> But the "antique quality" Sev wrote of actually referred to her
>"metal-trimmed dress". What kind of dress is metal-trimmed?

Actually I think it referred to both her hair and dress (no books here)
and I don't know what sort of dress is metal-trimmed. Are you hinting
at something?  Maybe Valeria is an Urth version of goth?

Roy says:
>Don't you think Sev would have noticed any presumed resemblance between
>Thais and Thea on that makeshift raft?

I am clearly willing to consider that Sev, despite his continual comparisons, does
not notice a number of important resemblances, notably the ones between Rudesind
Dorcas' husband, Isangoma, the cowled servitor in House Absolute, the Uruructu? 
(the masked jungle guide) and Father Inire.

If I remember correctly, Sev only glimpsed Thea's kaibit twice, both times on stairways. 
Perhaps she looks a bit different outdoors on a boat. Most important, if Severian recognized
everyone accurately in the story, it might lose a level of depth. Maybe Gene Wolfe thought
that, maybe not.  Anyway, Thais has sunken cheeks. These get enough of a mention for me 
to suspect they are related to kaibits. I think maybe a triangular face with sunken cheeks 
would become heart-shaped.

Roy says:
>Of course you have to be joking to mention me and clones in the same breath.

Well, Roy, then I'll have to put you in the ultra-conservative camp including Borski who
didn't  see clones either. ;-). But anyway, I think Dave Tallman is mining a productive
vein of hints in the other thread, currently.

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