(urth) What's So Great About Ushas?

Jeff Wilson jwilson at io.com
Wed Jun 18 20:26:39 PDT 2008

Dave Tallman wrote:

> Do you know of anything in the text that suggests Abaia is such a size 
> that he couldn't come up the river? The claim of the undines to be his 
> brides and sweethearts in Shadow XV also suggests they are 
> size-compatible. The legendary Abaia was an enormous magical eel that 
> lived in a lake, so that doesn't imply an immobile size either.

Juturna also claims Severian could enjoy their company, despite his 
obviously smaller scale. This implies there are a variety of sizes of 
undines, and/or possibly male undines previously seduced from the land 
and given renewed growth similar to Baldanders. Idas would seem to 
confirm that undines grow and can have voices that pass for males. Ergo, 
the deeper voice speaking with the women doesn't necessarily have to be 
from Abaia, even if it is from a river-sized speaker.

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