(urth) The Severian Behind Curtain #3

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>I must agree that in this situation the play's the thing! But if I 

>Eschatology and Genesis correctly, the temptation is for Meschia, 
>to which
>he succumbed with Jahi in the first creation and to which he 
>probably will 
>not succumb with the Contessa in the impending creation. Either 
>way, the 
>story would appear in Urth's legends thanks to Canog and a visual 
>would make an appropriate decoration for a brothel. Better than a 
>Severian-Typhon image, anyway.

Doesn't one of the demons say something about "the woman tempted 
me" not working this time around? I just assumed that Dr Talos was 
working a variation on a story which closely resembled the ones in 
Genesis. But I suppose even with that his original could have had a 
Jahi tempting Meschia rather than serpent tempting Meschiane, and I 
guess the erotic-mural possibilities are maybe better that way 
(except for the hopefully very small minority interested in snake-

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