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Wolfe told me that Severian's powers are his as a manifestation of the
Body of Christ.

At the 2002 WorldCon.


> On Sun, 15 Jun 2008 19:24:12 +1000 Dave Tallman
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>> I don't think Sev's prayer is at all
>>He is praying based on his conception of a God who has graced a
>>life in a miraculous way, and who can say if he is wrong about
> My point is just that it isn't God he reaches with that prayer;
> it's himself.
> (Citadel XIV) "My mind was among the starry wastes, far from Urth
> ... and it seemed to me that that to which I spoke was farther
> still - I had come, as it were, to the walls of the universe, and
> now shouted through the walls to one who waited outside ... I
> seemed to see ... through the chink in the universe to a new
> universe bathed in golden light, where my listener knelt to hear
> me. ... I could see a face and folded hands, and the opening, like
> a tunnel, running deep into a human head ... I was whispering into
> my own ear ..."
> Now you can take that (at least) two ways. Maybe "the Outsider"
> hears him, and refers the prayer on Sev himself, indicating that
> Sev is indeed some kind of ersatz-Jesus. To me, that is an
> overwhelmingly unlikely.
> Much more likely, this is an indication that the New Sun religion
> begins and ends with Sev. It has no connection to the true
> "Outsider".
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