(urth) What's So Great About Ushas?

Dave Tallman davetallman at msn.com
Sun Jun 15 02:24:12 PDT 2008

Andrew wrote:
> Also, the cosmology propounded by aquastor-Malrubius - what is 
> remotely attractive about it?

This is the core point. I believe many readers do find this cosmology 
has a certain epic beauty. "We shall not go to the stars again until we 
go as a divinity" reminds me of the Omega Point of Pierre Teilhard de 
Chardin. With each cycle the Heiros shape better Heirogrammates, and the 
Heirogrammates shape better Heiros. This could be the working out of the 
will of God in Wolfe's universe.

> The most creepy sign: Sav praying at the Pelerines' altar, but in 
> the end praying only to himself. By the end of UOTNS we know that 
> Sev is the Conciliator. Put the two together and you have at least 
> a broad hint that there's nothing very holy going on here.
In an interview Wolfe once said, "I don't think of Severian as being a 
Christ figure; I think of Severian as being a Christian figure. He is a 
man who has been born into a very perverse background, who is gradually 
trying to become better." I don't think Sev's prayer is at all creepy. 
He is praying based on his conception of a God who has graced a human 
life in a miraculous way, and who can say if he is wrong about that?

I said in another message that the Triskele theory strengthens your case 
-- it does to a certain extent, but not unambiguously. Just because Sev 
has a longer relationship with Triskele does not make it certain that he 
won't go on to bring the New Sun as before.

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