(urth) Black hole timing, "punishment" etc

Dave Tallman davetallman at msn.com
Wed Jun 11 02:22:02 PDT 2008

Andrew wrote:
> As far as I can see, in Typhon's time Sev never comments that the 
> sun seems brighter than in his time, that he can no longer see the 
> stars by daylight etc etc etc. 
The sky is cloudy on their arrival, but I notice quite a few 
descriptions that show a brighter sun:

XXVIII: "We had come to Urth through clouds, as I have said: but the 
tender found an opening in them... hull and masts were no more than a 
pinprick of golden light. At length we saw her blossom to a shining 
speck, like the steel that falls from a file..."

Sev seems extra-dense not to draw the right conclusion, but he may be 
dazed by his  new connection to the White Fountain.

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