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Jeff Wilson jwilson at io.com
Tue Jun 10 20:23:36 PDT 2008

Marc Aramini wrote:
> I am something of an obituary watcher.  Algis Budrys appears to have
> passed away, born in 1931.  I get a bit depressed when I think that
> Clarke, Lafferty, Butler, Knight, Williamson, and others have so
> recently passed. sigh

	Other than Butler, they'd all outlived the majority of their peers 
outside the field, and were fortunate to have had long, productive lives 
beyond what was expected in the times and places they were born. Rather 
than let their end depress us, let us consider that each one's greater 
story is now complete, and be cheered that it rose above the common lot 
as we each fancy our efforts might.

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