(urth) What's So Great About Ushas?

Roy C. Lackey rclackey at stic.net
Sat Jun 7 00:02:38 PDT 2008

Andrew wote:
>Eidolon-Malrubius (Citadel XXXI) questions Sev closely on whether
>he would go to Yesod if he were to stand trial there, if gelding
>were to be the price of failure, if it might not bring a New Sun
>... but he never mentions that the price of success will be the
>death of most humans (and most animals!) on Urth.
>"If you pass - if *our race* is judged ready to reenter the wide
>seas of space - such a white fountain will be created in the heart
>of the sun."

Looking at that quote again just now, it occurs to me that it offers support
to my earlier speculation. If the white fountain had actually been created
*in* the heart of the old sun, rather than travelling for millennia from
some unspecified place *to* the sun, it would not have passed near Urth to
get there. If its mass had never come nearer Urth than the sun, would Urth
have been spared the violent upheavals that occasioned its destruction?


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