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On Sat, 07 Jun 2008 08:11:12 +1000 Chris Laybourn 
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>I just finished a first read of Urth of the New Sun so I'm really 
>enjoying this chain.  
>Can someone explain to me what happens in the chapter where 
>Severian encounters Typhon back during his reign?  Typhon wants 
>Severian to demonstrate his powers somehow and he pulls a dirk or 
>knife and stabs it into a table but then we move on in the story.  

>I'm sure there was something implicit in the book but I missed it. 

> Thanks

Sev asks Typhon if killing a man by merely striking the table would 
be a good demonstration of his powers. Typhon says, "Yep!". Sev 
pulls out his dagger and bangs it into the table.

The chiliarch has let Sev into the presence of Typhon with a 
concealed weapon. Not good for the chiliarch! 

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