(urth) Sev on Yesod; his powers; his testing

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Sun Jan 20 11:04:06 PST 2008

thalassocrat at nym.hush.com wrote:
> Sev's power seems to be the ability to draw energy from external 
> sources and focus it to heal, to twist time etc etc. I see two main 
> possibilities for where this power comes from:
> 1) It's intrinsic, somehow or other; nothing to do with Tzadkiel. 
> Tzadkiel just gives him access to a big external source, the 
> White Fountain

This power might be inherited, and may also be what is required for an 
eidolon to instinctually become real again. In that case, it could 
support both (IIRC Borski's) theory that the old Autarch is Severian's 
mother Katherine, and mine that there is some hidden way of choosing 
successor autarchs: despite the lack of a visible dynasty, they are all 
blood relatives from a series of trysts with and among the servants and 
prisoners in and around the ruling household of the Commonwealth, and 
the assassination attempts on the heirs by both "good" and "evil" time 
travelers are tests for the attribute as well as attempts to influence 
the candidate one way or another.

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