(urth) Severian as the Outsider?

James B. Jordan jbjordan4 at cox.net
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You are not wrong. The Outsider is the Creator-God of the Bible, 
"outside" in every respect. Severian, like all of us, is made in His 
image, and in Sev's case, in a special way. But then, each of us is 
special, Wolfe would say.

Patera Nutria

At 03:34 PM 1/3/2008, you wrote:

>Actually, Wolfe discussed this issue in an old interview:
>To quote:
>"15. "Is the Outsider a form of Severian?" No. Severian is a form of"
>the Outsider.""
>I tend to interpret that as a Catholic answer, something along the
>lines of "Severian was created in the image and likeness of the
>Outsider." I could be wrong though.
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