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> Hierogrammates are "holy slaves" trying to do the will of God, even if they
> can only guess at it. We know from BotSS that demons playing God (or Typhon
> playing Pas) get taken over by the real Outsider. Pas has become truly good,
> and the Outsider says that Kypris will as well, because she is the goddess
> of love and all love is of God. Wolfe also said in an interview that "The
> Outsider is not a form of Severian. Severian is a form of the Outsider." It
> seems to me that Wolfe holds that those who try to serve God end up doing
> so, at least in his universe.

There isn't much use in reiterating my arguments for why the above might not
be the case, so I'll settle for pedantically (ah!) pointing out that it's
the Hierodules who are "holy slaves".

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