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> What would your personal Best of Gene Wolfe's Short Fiction anthology
> contain?  I would include all the novellas from The Island of Doctor
> Death and Other Stories and Other Stories.

I'd probably select a bunch of uncollected stuff I wouldn't get a chance to
read elsewhere. For example, I quite liked the second story in Strange Birds
("A Sob in the Silence"). I'd probably pick some of Wolfe's really short
stories too, stuff about as long as "A Solar Labyrinth" or "My Book."
(Though I don't think "My Book" would make my personal cut). "Seven American
Nights" would be there (as it is in real life), and I might well include
"Tracking Song." I'm not as keen on the Death / Doctor / Island stories as
most, but I suppose one of them rather does have to be there. I don't want
to see the whole "Wolfe Archipelago" though.

Judging from the stories Tor lists, it looks like Wolfe has chosen some very
representative work from across his career. Unsurprisingly, there's a lot
from The Island of Doctor Death. I expect Storeys from the Old Hotel will be
well-represented in the final book too. I'd be pretty surprised if "A Solar
Labyrinth" weren't included. I wish there were more Solar Cycle-related
fiction to add. I like "The Night Chough," but I'm not sure it's a terribly
strong story, and it doesn't make all that much sense without some knowledge
of the ways of the Whorl.

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