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GB is OK. I know that Wolfe likes him (he told me so). Not quite on the
Wolfe/Crowley level, but a good solid writer.


> Greetings:
> Might I recommend a look at Greg Brear's new work, "City at the End of
> Time". The Prolog (that's how it is spelled in the book, although my spell
> check is disagreeing with me) reminds me of a certain author with the
> initials GW. Not as dense, but the echoes are there!
> F.P. Kiesche III  "Ah Mr. Gibbon, another damned, fat, square book.
> Always, scribble, scribble, scribble, eh?" (The Duke of Gloucester, on
> being presented with Volume 2 of The Decline and Fall of the Roman
> Empire.) Blogging at TexasBestGrok!
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