(urth) Ultan's Library publishes new article by Michael Andre-Driussi

Nigel Price nigelaprice at talktalk.net
Wed Aug 27 04:39:32 PDT 2008

To coincide with the launch of the second edition of the _Lexicon Urthus_,
the editors of Ultan's Library are pleased to announce the publication of a
new essay by Michael Andre-Driussi entitled "The Death of Catherine the Weal
and Other Stories".

The essay, which was originally written in 1992 for inclusion in John
Clute's proposed collection of critical essays on Gene Wolfe, refutes the
suggestion made by both Clute and Gregory Feeley that Severian's mother
Catherine was also the Old Autarch. It also examines the mystery of the Old
Autarch's anonymity within _The Book of the New Sun_ and searches for the
true identities of some of the key women in Severian's life.

The editors of Ultan's Library also hope to publish an interview with
Michael Andre-Driussi about the new edition of his Lexicon in the very near

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Wolfe and may be found here: http://www.ultan.org.uk/index.html.

We warmly welcome articles for publication on the site and invite potential
contributors in the first instance to contact Jonathan Laidlow at
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Jonathan Laidlow
Nigel Price

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