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Friday, September 28, 2007, 8:07:42 PM, you wrote:

>> That might be true for humans, but where are such aspirations provided for
>> in the text? Very few common people will even attain Skai, yet they are
>> expected to worship the beings of Skai. If they can't reach the fifth level,
>> what hope have they for achieving higher? I see no evidence of a campaign to
>> circumvent the established rules of the game and appeal directly to the Top.

> I thought that was the implication of Able being visited by Michael.
> That Able is being called to aspire higher than Skai, and perhaps lead
> others higher as well.

In Neoplatonism there is the so called principle of mediation, which seems (and "seem" is the operative world) to operate in Mythgarth. According to it, to put it simply, you are only able to contact being from the next higher level. To contact anything higher you need a mediator. Eg Michael cannot contact Able until he becomes one of the gods of Skai etc.

I say it "appears" to operate, because this particular principle is a bit dubious from a Christian point of view, and it is quite possible that there are exception to it.

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