(urth) Long Review Essay on Wizard Knight

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>>>> It is an afterlife to which has gone a decent kid (of, English,
>>>> Norse and Irish descent, I believe) who is not a Christian. He's
>>>> managed to write a letter to his brother by stimulating Gene to write
>>>> this book.

>>> Certainly an interesting theory, though I think you're wrong about
>>> the "stimulating Gene" part -- doesn't he say that he has seen Ben in
>>> Mythgarthr?

>> Might be. Don't remember.

>> Able definitely talks about writing Ben a letter.

> In the opening of The Knight, Abel mentions seeing Ben by the fire on
> the battlefield, with no further explanation.  The explanation only
> comes in the closing scenes of the Wizard, where the tarnhelm-ish
> thingy gives Abel the power to see things as they truly are.  He
> looks at Bold Berthold and sees Ben.

Yes. Still, Able does talk about writing Ben a letter.

>>> At any rate, it being an afterlife does explain some things, but
>>> it leaves others hanging. Can you elaborate?

>> Not at this time. I think it is pretty obvious.

> Because the dream of the ambulance means Arthur Ormsby is dead?

Yes, that was part of it.

> I like the idea that the entirety of the seven layer universe is
> Purgatory, but I don't think that is what Wolfe had in mind.

Yeah, it's a neat idea. I don't any longer think that is what Wolfe
had in mind either.


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