(urth) Setr's 1000 Year Reich

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>Andrew wrote:
>>When Setr/Garsecg meets Art/Able, he speaks of his coup in 
>>as dating from 1,000 (Mythgathr) years in the past.
>Do you have the citation for that figure?

Yup, a couple of places:

- Knight, end of Ch.22. Garsecg to Art, as they first come to the 
tower & before Able has guessed that he is Setr. Garsecg has told 
Able that Setr made the Aelf build it & gather weapons there, 
before some of the Aelf drove him off. Nevertheless, Setr returns 
from time to time. Then: "We have been pillaging his trove a 
thousand years ..."

- Knight, beginning of Ch.26. Garsecg to Art, talking about the 
Aelf-war which drove Setr out. "A thousand of your years have 
passed since that war ..."

Some other bits & pieces:

-  In Ch.22, Garsecg says to Art: "The king's [Anthor's] royal 
father lay with a woman of my race ... Of their union, three 
children were born." A single union, resulting in triplets? If so, 
can't solve the puzzle by assuming that Uthor sired Setr a long 
time before Arnthor (although Uri does tell Art in Wizard Ch.34 
that Setr was the oldest child).

- But we do know that Setr's birth occured at least 40-50 Mythgathr 
years before his meeting with Art - simply because he took Mag when 
Able was an infant, and Berthold is 30-40 years older than when 
Able left. 

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