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>The dragons should worship Kulili.  I forget who was the driving  
>power behind the war against Kulili, but everything else I 
>makes me think it must have been Setr.

Actually, the Aelf first tried to defeat her on their own, and when 
that didn't work, they called in the dragons. They tried again, 
under Setr, and failed once more. I assume that Setr's goal in this 
was mainly to demoralize the Aelf further, and make them more 
amenable to his control - I doubt that he really expected them to 

>Some of the Aelf would join in because Kulili is the one who 
>them from trash, to live as trash.  Should the Aelf have 
>Kulili?  She was their creator.

In the Aelf's message to Arnthor (I think it's there) they say that 
the dragons are supposed to worship them, which is something I 
never really understood. 

On Ray's point about what the Aelf get from worshipping humans, I 
guess there's some kind of answer in Toug's healing of Uri (Baki?). 

But surely any "upwards" worship is really just a proxy for worhsip 
of the Most High God; this, I think, is made pretty clear at the 
end of Wizard. 

Humans can surely aspire to more than just an afterlife of 
carousing & fighting in the halls of the Valfather; it's obvious 
(to me, at any rate) that Able's eventual fate will be to reach the 
Empyrean. He hopes to speak of what Kulili showed him to "one 
higher than the Valfather"; Michael summons him to service with a 
lord who is surely higher than Skai. Etc etc.

And I take Dsiri as a sign that Aelf can share in this as well. 

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