(urth) Urth Digest, Vol 37, Issue 17

Duncan Truter dtruter at gmail.com
Sun Sep 23 14:01:38 PDT 2007

I've only read it once, but I do seem to remember Sven turning out for
the best in the end, due in a large part to Able's guiding/beating
hand. Barbaric measures for barbaric times?

also (and I'll stick this in 'cos my subject line is 'urth digest' so
I can put in whatever I want)

Is it just me or does Latro turn into a bit of a bully near the end of
Soldier of Sidon?


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> On Fri, 21 Sep 2007, Adam Stephanides wrote:
> > The idea of Able as a Mary-Sue (the technical term for a male specimen
> > is Gary-Stu) hadn't occurred to me, but it makes sense. It had crossed
> > my mind that Able may have been wish-fulfillment on Wolfe's part.
> >
> I think that TWK is written (as perhaps _The Devil in a Forest_ is) as a
> traditional boys own adventure.  It's supposed to be alluring to us young
> folks, didactic, and morally uplifting ;)
> Able is a perfect knight within that milieu.  Just as anyone in the
> military hierarchy does, he frequently teaches uppity inferiors a lesson
> or two (one might recall Severian then Roche? as chief of the
> apprentices).
> David Duffy,
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