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But the  story is definitely (but not only) a horror story.  Reminds me
of Poe  a little.

Yes ... but it's a horror story *from the point of view of the  narrator*.  
I'm not sure his point of view is correct.  His point of  view isn't, for 
instance, the point of view of the "slow children" who are  playing.  Is it 
possible that we are to see them as correct in their  child-likeness and the scholar 
Gene to be incorrect in his "adult"-ness, so that  what strikes them as play 
strikes him as horror and so that the griffin appears  gracious to them, giving 
what they don't deserve, but that, in spite of his  graciousness, his 
appearance terrifies Gene?
Why is Gene so afraid of griffins that he covers the name Griffith because  
it's too close to "griffin"?  

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