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Just thought I'd toss this in to see if anybody can find an answer
better than I can ...

When Setr/Garsecg meets Art/Able, he speaks of his coup in Aelfrice
as dating from 1,000 (Mythgathr) years in the past. On the other
hand, there is nothing to suggest that his brother Arnthor or their
father gained the Mythgathr crown in any particularly exceptional

For instance, there's nothing to suggest (a) that their father
Uthor suddenly reappeared in Mythgathr after a 1000 year absence,
or (b) that Arnthor has held the throne for some exceptionally long
span of time, or (c) that he was ancient when he ascended to it, or
(d) that Setr and Arnthor have different fathers, or ...

So how does this work?

Put a gun to my head and I'll pick (a), that in fact
Arnthor/Morcaine/Uthor did reappear in Mythgathr after a 1000 year
or whatever absence. The barest little hint of that is Uri telling
Art/Able that A & M could not really have been nursed to any great
extent in Aelfrice, despite stories to the contrary, because
otherwise they'd be much younger than they are now. But if they had
actually spent 1,000 Mythgathr-years in Aelfrice, I guess they
could easily now be in their 20's or 30's or maybe 40's in their
own time-lines, which is what they appear to be.

But I don't really believe it.

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