(urth) Urth Digest, Vol 37, Issue 2

Matthew Groves matthewalangroves at gmail.com
Wed Sep 5 20:36:47 PDT 2007

Mo wrote:
> I wonder whether Island of Doctor Death in particular represents a
> playing-out of tension in Wolfe's influences between Wells and Lewis.

I haven't read enough Wells to speak to that, but I do think that
"tIoDDaOS" is a love note to them both.

Rostrum wrote:
> You're not the only one who has seen connections between Wolfe and
> Lewis.  One particular standout to me that I wrote about on the list a
> while back is this scene from Perelandra:
> snip <

I did see your post in the archives, and I had the exact same reaction
to that moment in Perelandra: flashing on Silk's "I am the help."

Matt G.

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